Varicose Vein Surgery

Half of all Americans over 50 and two-thirds of women over 60 have varicose veins large, twisted veins that appear purple or blue. For many people, these veins are simply unattractive. But others experience pain and discomfort associated with the condition, also called venous reflux, which can signal more serious circulatory problems.

Varicose veins are most commonly seen in the legs and feet because standing upright increases pressure in the lower extremities. Exercise, leg elevation and compression stockings can help you ease the pain of varicose veins and may help keep them from getting worse. However, sometimes more aggressive treatment is necessary.

Thanks to profound advances in medical technology, the physicians of Surgical Associates are successfully treating varicose veins with the VNUS Closure procedure, which uses radio frequency ablation therapy a treatment used in the past for heart, lung and brain surgeries. During the operation, very thin catheter is inserted into individual varicose veins through a small opening. The catheter delivers radiofrequency to the wall of the vein, causing it to collapse.

While not suitable for everyone, this minimally invasive procedure may offer you many advantages over other varicose vein procedures such as vein stripping. Many of our patients experience:

– Little or no pain during surgery
– Minimal or no scarring, bruising or swelling
– Minimal recovery time
– Noticeable improvement within a few weeks